In this website, you may find journal articles, books, opinion columns, lecture videos and podcasts.

This website is organized as follows:

  • BIO, contains a brief personal biography.
  • RESUME, contains a professional resume with current contact information.
  • RESEARCH, contains academic publications such as journal articles, book chapters and books.
  • TEACHING, contains some lecture notes for the courses I have taught.
  • OPINION, this section holds my columns on different economic topics.
  • VIDEOS, contains videos that may be helpful for some undergraduate courses in economics (Spanish & English).
  • PODCASTS, contains audio records, mainly in Spanish, where current policy events are discussed.
  • CONTACT, if you wish to contact me, you may send me an email to economista@jorgerojas.cl or use the contact form. I am committed to answer every sensical request within 24 hours.

All opinions are respected in this blog. The only rules are the ones dictated by common sense and a language free of  insults.