Brief Biography

Jorge Rojas-Vallejos is a Chilean Civil Engineer and Ph.D. in economics. Rojas-Vallejos studied Civil Engineering at The Universidad de Chile, then moved to Australia to obtain his Master of Economics at The University of Sydney. In late 2015, Rojas-Vallejos achieved his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Economics at The University of Washington in Seattle. He is a recipient of multiple prizes and scholarships in Chile, Australia and The United States. In 2017, Rojas-Vallejos created The Foundation for Equitable Economics (Fundación Economía y Equidad), a think tank on equitable growth based in Santiago of Chile.  His economic research focuses on income distribution, development economics and international macroeconomics. One of his articles is “The distributional consequences of trade liberalization: Consumption tariff versus investment tariff reduction” that is co-authored with Stephen J. Turnovsky at the Journal of Development Economics. One of his most recent articles about carbon emissions and inequality is “The Income Inequality and Carbon Emissions Trade-Off Revisited”  that is co-authored with Amy Lastuka at Energy Policy.










Jorge Rojas-Vallejos, Assistant Professor, School of Economics and Business, Universidad Andrés Bello.